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Bip (client)

Python 3.8 VFX Platform License Code style: black SemVer Bip

Bip (Blink Internal Pipeline) is a collection of tools or applications for CG productions, as well as a production database. For advanced users such as technical directors and developers, it is also a framework allowing to enhance Bip with additional content.

Bip does not enforce any workflow choices, it is left to the advanced users to configure and tailor it, so it matches the needs and practices of a studio, a director and/or a project.

On the user side, Bip mostly consists of applications for artists and production. These tools can be standalone (started from the main Launcher app), or they can be embedded in supported software (such as Modo or Nuke. See the list of integrations).




You can find some documentation here and ask for help here.


Contributions are always welcome! See contributing.md for ways to get started.


Bip is developed with 💖 by Blink.


This project is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE.md file for details. Copy it, steal it, modify it, share it!